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Francine Punt

From early age I was fascinated by other cultures and the world at large. By different belief systems, the body-, mind-and soul connection, healthy food and travelling. This led to a study in Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, followed by a career as a flight attendant. This offered me the opportunity to travel the world independently, freely and frequently. My passion for India brought me in touch with Yoga as a way of life. After studying different Yoga styles I was introduced to Chakra Yoga. Everything fell in place and as a result I completed teacher trainings in Spain and India.


This was a good departure point to follow my broad interests and immerse myself in different subjects like Chakra psychology, meditation and Ayurveda as guidelines for a more conscious way of life.


A few years ago also Yin Yoga came my way. Experiencing the beneficial results at first hand myself , I completed a Yin Yoga teacher training in Amsterdam at YogaGarden. I paired this skill with knowledge of the 12 Meridians, as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Moreover I completed a Yoga Nidra training at Sarvangaflow in Amsterdam.


It is my passion in life to continuously deepen insights and growth in consciousness, conveying this knowledge in Yoga classes.

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