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Why Chakra Yoga?

Promotes a sense of harmony between body and mind
Teachings on the energy points: the chakras
Works on a better awareness of the body
Explores blockages and gives tools to work on releasing
Hatha postures
Accessible for all levels
Ha-Tha postures
Pranayama and mantras
Long guided meditation

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Sarojini Chakra & Yin Yoga in Amsterdam and Middenbeemster

Chakra Yoga

The meaning of the Sanskrit word Chakra is wheel. Chakras are wheel-like energy points that can be found from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. They are interconnected and influence one another. Chakra Yoga works with the seven main chakras. Each chakra is associated with specific physical, mental, emotional and energetic characteristics, which are explored by the participant itself during the class as a journey of internal discovery.

The information, the chosen postures and the use of breathing techniques (pranayama) invite to connect to the body and enhance awareness in order to work on balance by deepening one’s own body, -mind and soul connection. This way blocked energy can be cleared and a new equilibrium can be experienced. Chakra Yoga offers the tools to get in touch with who you truly are and live your life according to that.

The class: (1,5 hours)
For two weeks in a row I focus on one Chakra in particular.
Each cycle of 7 chakra’s starts with the base chakra and end with the crown chakra. Class starts with information about the subject, followed by a short guided meditative moment to connect to the body before going through the Ha-Tha postures that are associated with the subject.
To integrate the class there will be a guided meditation or a Yoga Nidra and a cup of tea.

Why Yin Yoga?

Calm and slow paced Yoga Style
Very accessible to all levels and ages
Enhances awareness of mind-body connection
Postures held for number of minutes to reach the deeper layers of the tissue
Reduces stress and promotes relaxation and resilience
Promotes regeneration and suppleness
Healthy complement to regular sports

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is very accessible to all. It is slow-paced and works into the deeper layers of the body in a soft but very effective way.
Focus is on the fascia, the connective tissue that keeps the body together and is interwoven in tissue, ligaments, tendons, bones, organs etc. Yin Yoga complements regular sports and more active styles of Yoga very well. Like acupuncture, acupressure, Qi Gong and Shiatsu it is based om the meridians as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Meridians are energy channels that run through the fascia transporting Chi, life-force energy. The twelve main meridians are divided into six pairs, with a yin- and a yang meridian, all being associated with organs and their physical, emotional and energetic characteristics. All meridians run to or from extremities and all postures are related to body parts and organs according to the focus of the class. The postures either compress or stretch the tissue in order to clear blockages. In this way toxic waste can be removed efficiently. Regeneration and assimilation of nutrients can be encouraged. Yin Yoga activates the self healing qualities of the body and reduces physical discomfort, stress and anxiety. It rejuvenates, restores health and makes the body supple again. By focussing on the body and what is felt, it improves the bodily awareness, brings relaxation and promotes resilience.

The class: (1,5 hours)
In every class I focus on a set of meridians. I start by providing information. After a short meditation in order to leave the mind and connect to the body we will go through the postures. The last 15 minutes of the class there is time to let everything sink in during a guided meditation, followed by some tea.

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