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Why corporate yoga?

Reduces absenteeism: prevents and supports recovery from physical discomfort, burnout and stress
Focuses on effects of sedentary office work
Increases productivity and problem solving ability
Increases productivity and problem solving ability
Improves posture and sleep quality
Creates a sense of connection between participants
Easily accessible for all levels and ages

Sarojini Corporate Yoga

Sarojini Corporate Yoga focuses on increasing the resilience of employees dealing with physical discomfort, stress and burn out, by improving a personal state of
physical and mental balance.
By shifting the awareness from the mind to the sensation of the body using yoga poses, exercises and relaxation, the mind gets a break. This focus boosts productivity, makes the body healthier and more resistant to the challenges of sedentary office work.
The postures and information improve awareness of the body and deepen body-mind connection.

Content information yoga class

Language of your choice: English or Dutch.
Classes are based on Yin Yoga, aiming at a healthy flow in all tissues and a strong and flexible vibrant body.
The poses and exercises are safe and accessible for all levels and ages.
Each week the classes have a different focus, keeping them appealing, fresh and informative.
At the end of the practice there is a short moment of relaxation before resuming work with renewed energy orpreparing for a relaxed evening  and good night’s sleep.
Weekly frequency of classes, time, duration and choice for online classes or on location are by mutual agreement.

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