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Sarojini Yoga

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22/09/22: Yoga in nature on an island near Aalsmeer.

A 7-week yoga course based on Yin- and Hathayoga.

For everyone accessible

During the seven lessons you will learn about the different aspects of the 7 main chakras, such as the associated body parts and organs, with their physical, emotional and energetic properties.
Complaints and discomforts can indicate an imbalance of certain energy points and a less efficient flow of energy through meridians in the connective tissue.
With the help of the postures, everyone will personally experience in a soft and accessible way where there may be imbalance and how to work on regaining balance and healing.

Structure of the lesson:

  • Explanation about the Chakra
  • Short moment to connect with the body
  • Positions matching with the Chakra
  • Relaxation with fitting guided meditation or music
  • Finalized with a cup of tea and something sweet

Where, when, and costs:

Huis van de Wijk De Meeuw
Motorwal 300
1021 PH Amsterdam Noord
22/9/22 t/m 10/11/22 (herfstvakantie vrij)
87,50 for 7 lessons of 1,5 hours
Sign up: or 06-41266956

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